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A leading international personality in the world of Hair Design & Beauty Culture as a Cosmetician she has practiced and researched Aromatherapy & Herbalism for well over 25 years.

Trained at the leading hair & Beauty institutions across the world, she has been continiously teaching and practicing the profession in india and in all the fashion capitals of the world over the 25 years. As well rounded hair, beauty and cosmetic expert, she propounds a total and natural beauty concept for men and women.

Blossom has worked with world reowned personalites, and has been associated with multinational cosmetic concerns as advisor and consultant to Procter & Gamble, Revlon, Avon & leading cosmetic concerns in india.

Her credentials make a statement of distinction. She is member of the Esthetician International Association, President, National Hair Dressers & Beauticians Association of India, Chairperson, AllIndia Board of Technical Education Delhi, ex-Director, Pivot Point India & Chairperson, BlossomKochhar Beauty Prodcts Pvt Ltd.

A regular TV and media personality. She is often called upon the judge to various pageants & makeup & hair competitions in India and abroad. She has also judged the Femina Miss india 1994 contest, Grasim Mr.International'98 & Hair Asia Pacific Sri Lanka, International Hair Show & numerous beauty pageants. She is also invited by various national and international forums to speak and advise on professional subjects. Blossoms was only recently invited by the American Association of Physicians to speak on Aromatherapy as an altenative therapy at Chicago, USA and received great appreciation.

Blossom had the rare distinction of being the"OFFICIAL HAIR 7 MAKEUP SERVICE PARTNER FOR MISS WORLD 96 PAGEANT"held in India. The hair & makeup services provided for the 88 contestants by Blossom & her team were apporved, acknowledged & appreciated as of international class by the contestants & officials of the Miss World 96 pageant. It was for the firat time that both Hair&Makeup services were provided under one head for such a pageant.

This adds another feather in her cap & makes Blossom the first & only Beautician in the country to have been selected to handle an international mega event like MissWorld pageant. She is also called upon to create special hair design & looks for the leading models and stars and also for the important stage shows in India.

Blossom has pioneered the practice of Aromatherapy in India. She manufactures her own range of Aromatherapy cosmetics, under the broad name BLOSSOM KOCHHAR AROMA MAGIC AROMATHERAPY OILS & COSMETICS. Her range of aromatherapy cosmetics are the most natural and step beyond the herbal field. Aromatherapy oils for skin hair, body & moods are a rare collection specially blends for individual needs & problems.

Her carefully formulated Aroma Magic Aromatherapy Cosmetic range presents a rare synergy of aromatherapy and phytotherapy using only the basics from the nature and devoid of harsh chemicals. The range was used by Miss World 96 contestants and immensely appericiated.

She also has the distinction of pioneering the Day Spa Concept in India. A believer in the holistic concept of beauty and body care, she has evolved a Day Spa Concept for the body, mind and soul.

Blossom has established India's first Day Spa at the famous 32ndMile Stone, Gurgoan Entertainment & Hotel complex. Her motto at the BLOSSOM DAY SPA says " Give Us Your Body & We Give You Eack Your Mind" The Spa provides rare treatments for De stressing, De-Toxifying, Re Mineralizing, Body wraps, Massages, Aromatherapy, Hydrotherapy, Colour Threapy and a host of treatments that revive, rejuvenate and relax the body mind and soul.

Blosssom also has her Chain of Salons/Beauty Parlours in Delhi besides franchise salons. The Aroma Magic Salon at The Radisson Hotel,The Aroma Magic Salon opposite Hotel Taj Palace besides other chain salons,offer the most exclusive and contemporary services in Delhi.

Blossom has authored a number of books on Hair & Beauty, Health and Aromatherapy. Her books released are : ALL YOU WANT TO KNOW ABOUT HAIR & BEAUTY, HEALTH & BEAUTY THROUGH AROMATHERAPY & HOW TO MANAGE YOUR SALON , hve been best sellers.

She was associated with one of the finest chain of Hair & Beauty educational institutions in India under the name of PIVOT POINT INDIA , an associate of PIVOT POINT INTERNATIONAL, U.S.A., the world's largest network in trade with 2300 hair beauty schools in 52 countries world wide.

Science and Art Academy of Hair & Beauty Culture trained graduates are today the leading hair and beauty professionals in India and command the best jobs and professional standing in the business.

Science and Art Academy of Hair & Beauty Culture also trains models and makeup artists. It is the forefront of providing hair and makeup service at various fashion shows, stage and other events. We also handle the grooming of the executive and other staff of Multinational concerns, Corporate houses, 5 star Hotels, Banking Organizations, Air hostesses and others. It is to her credit that many film star and Miss Femina winners have been groomed and fashioned by her.

As a social contribution, Blossom also trains handicapped and under privileged children and adults in hair and beauty and others disciplines.

As an Esthetician, Aromatherapist, Cosmetician, an Educationist, Blossom enjoys a unique standing and following both professionaly and an individual devoted to the cause of betterment of people.

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