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Science and Arts Academy of Hair & Beauty Culture is cosidered to be one of the most respected leaders in the Hair and Beauty education.It is a family owned company,which prides itself in developing the very best educational materials,programs and systems for every facet of the beauty industry. From top Salons to Cosmetology schools. Our educational systems can be found reading tomorrow's beauty professionals today.

With corporate cosmetology research centers and a network of member schools and graduate centers, we are more than a beauty school educator.

And with the advent of Master Designer Systems, an innovative laser disc educational syatem aimed at salons, we are also considered a mainstay in advanced Salon education.

Our Philosophy
Hair Design is an art form and you are the artist!. - Our educational philosophy was first developed by the leaders in USA. As a world champion hair designer we have created a unique scientific approach to teaching hair design. It's based on the belief that hair design is an art form with hair as the medium.
Creativity without Limits
The artistic approach guides students and salon professionals through the basic elements of design form, texture and color. They learn to visulaize the elements as one, then mix and match them to create a selection of hair designers that's virtually endless.

Our Vision
Continual growth and success through hair & beauty education.

Historical Perspective
Throughout history,hair and beauty have played a significant role in society. From as early as the decorated Stone Age tribes to today's fashion -concious counterparts,people have placed have placed a standard on appearance. But, because of the almost mystical powers that beauty possesses, knowledge in these areas has often remained a closely guarded secret. However we believe that hair and beauty education should be trimphed and shared.

Mission Statement
Science and Art Academy of Hair & Beauty Culture is committed to the development and and delevery of innovative, high quality educational systems for the hair and beauty industry. These systems empower individuals to maximize their potential and elevate the professionalism of the industry. We pledge to continually set the standards of education excellence worldwide.

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